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Honestly I can't believe this is actually happening and I'm brimming with excitement and yes, it's really really past my bed time but I really really wanted to get this out by Chinese New Year. Well, I guess, it's already Chinese New Year so...happy Chinese New Year!!

If you're at the age where you start getting the baby questions or you already have one child and the questions for a second one are coming or if you're a mom/parent who empathises, then its time to whip out your phones, use that free Singtel 3G data to full use and share this project with your relatives and friends!

Modern Moms is an on going project for the next 3 months where I explore the different lifestyle choices modern mothers make with their husbands when children come into their lives. With the new generation of mothers being both well educated and having established careers coming into motherhood, the question about "career versus motherhood" or "career and/or motherhood" is something I constantly think and debate about with my husband and friends.

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