Conversations: But I also love my job!!

How has your Chinese New Year been? I hope it was good!
Generally these events all packed back to back and for days on end really tire me out. But there are pockets of time where you have real good conversations and this was one of them. The whole conversation was good, but I think the one related to this was about motherhood.

Samantha, my cousin-in-law, is a mom of one little one year plus boy, every day she'd end work on the dot to rush home and get their one hour time with the little one before he goes off to bed. Everyday she feels this tug between her work and wanting to spend time with her baby boy and stay at home. But here's the tricky part, she was telling us about the current project she was working on at work and how even though it's stress it was also really fun and you see her eyes light up!

Argh...the tug of war between being at home with your child or working in a company that gives you the opportunity to do the projects that make your eyes sparkle. What are you thoughts on this?