MODERN MOMS DOCUSERIES Episode 1: Working Moms

So proud to finally release the very first episode of the MODERN MOMS docuseries!! In this first episode, we talk to WORKING MOMS, a large population of young mothers fall into this category so we thought this would be a good starting point of which to explore and dive into the lives of Modern Moms. Let us know your thoughts and hope you enjoy this episode!

As a follow up to our first episode, we discuss the issues that were brought up when we talked to working moms. Flexi hours and remote working are some things that the more "traditional" company and organisations have trouble adapting to. In this After Show, we just banter and discuss about what are some things that can help facilitate new policies. Have an opinion or a possible solution? Do share with us in the comments, we'd love to hear your thoughts on the issue.