our brand philosophy

As a company fighting for space in the crowded world of the internet, branding is what reaches out to your customer and connects them to your company. Branding is so much more than just the logo or your type-font or the colours you use, it is the essence of why your company exists. Every form of expression you put out there in the world tells your brand story - from the photographs to the way you caption your social media posts to the type of font you use or the colour palettes. These artistic tools are what enable you to tell your story in the 4 seconds it takes for your customer to scroll past you on social media.
Here are the tools in our toolbox that will help you tell your story and stand out in this noisy world.


The type of photography that populates your website and your social media platforms help to differentiate you as well as facilitate story telling and video is all the rage. In the era where content is king and what customers seek for is a company that provides value, producing content whether on instagram, facebook or youtube can boost your presence in the online space.


Whether you are trying to reach out to your customers via facebook marketing or electronic direct mailer or even the old school snail mail, from posters to banners, we help design eye catching collaterals that customers wouldn't want to skip.


creative content production training

If you want to equip yourself or a member of your team with producing creative content for the brand on social media platforms, we provide the individualised training on how to create that content specific to your brand's audience. From the brainstorming of topics, to making photographs and videos with the available software and social media marketing strategies to grow, we will design an individualised training program that works for your company and industry.



Creating logos, selecting font types and colour palettes that tell the personality and the story of your company not only gives you a beautiful put-together look that inspires trust and looks professional but these are also tools that enable you to tell your story and aesthetics, thus attracting the right customers.


Social media marketing strategies

How does one grow your social media platforms? From outreach to engagement, we walk you through on the different ways you can deploy your marketing strategies within the constraints of the budget you have, help you create the content for your marketing campaign, select the best medium of social media that suits your company's personality and function and the different ways to approach it.


creative marketing coaching

You've already got a handle on creative content production but would like to find ways to improve or to reach out, the creative marketing coaching program is for the producer(s) to improve or problem solve issues they may have with the creative marketing process and is on a mentoring consultation basis.