Life would be kind of nice, wouldn't it?
If I could set my phone on airplane mode for days and then come back to it when I'm ready. It's a little strange that we have to live our lives so connected to this thing with a screen.

Why are we now so afraid to disconnect?
To just let go and to let life organically unfold instead of working the likes and the follows with constant interaction and uploading and documentation and networking. Or to have an online presence just to prove that we are alive. Although we are also very aware that the credibility of online feeds are only so-so and at times, just to fill up the frame, we loose the ability to be truly present in the moment.

Papa came back from Mongolia and told me about the nomadic lives some still live. A home light enough to pack up and go, livestock that feed themselves by grazing and summers where everyone disappears from school. It sounds so natural but one thing that caught my attention is how they let their food work for themselves. 

Nomad to Sheep: "You hungry?" 
Nomad to Sheep: "Then go eat..."

I think maybe in some odd way, we equate connection to wealth and well being. Our economy is fuelled by connection, one's status often determined by the number of likes and followers and career advancement dependent on network...

Letting the livestock graze on their own?
You've got to be kidding me.

Let's instead whip them into shape, stuff them silly with antibiotics, dictate where they should walk, manipulate what they should eat and over analyse their poop. That is how the "civilised" people do it.  

Letting go is hard.
I think that's why we fear being disconnected from our phone.
We fear loosing control.

But I would very much like to go on Airplane Mode.

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